We understand that choosing an estate agent can be difficult we hope the points below make your decision easier. Here’s why you should choose Hardy-King Estate Agents.


Our Commitment to You


“Communication” by Mat Hardy-King –Director

At Hardy-King Estate Agents we believe that being successful ultimately means selling your house for the best price possible, however I believe communication is the key!

Having worked in Estate Agency for 19 years, every complaint, problem, lack of viewings, slow conveyance or no house sale all boils down to poor communication. This is why as a director of Hardy-King Estates Agents I wish to make a promise! You will receive a call from me or my fellow director Craig, that’s right the two directors and owners will talk to you on a weekly basis. We cannot guarantee a house sale but by talking weekly we can discuss what has been happening, why the viewing numbers have been less than expected or why you have had lots of viewings and no offers, we may simply discuss what marketing we have carried out in the week to influence your house sale.

Our goal is to sell your home for the best price. So let’s communicate and together make that happen. We look forward to working with you.


“Honesty” by Craig Hardy-King – Director

It’s become apparent over the last 21 years that Estate Agency is not thought of as an honest industry. By opening Hardy-King Estate Agents I will personally strive to change our client’s opinion by being honest and transparent. I think that being upfront with people not only eradicates distrust but it also helps customers feel more comfortable whilst going through a very stressful time.

I will make sure that advice on price, viewing feedback, and any recommendations are honest, that we are constructive and transparent with anything we may ask you to sign or agree.

Mat and I hope that from the initial visit to your house you feel we are honest with you.